Videographer Los Angeles

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Camera Crew Los Angeles

Crash Video Productions provides camera crews in the Los Angeles area for TV production, documentaries, corporate video, and EPK's. We shoot b-roll, interviews, set visits & behind the scenes, stand ups, travel, junkets, reality, events and parties, red carpets and more.

Video Production Los Angeles - In addition to the camera crews we can provide you with other services for your production. These include - Field Producers, Make up artists, Teleprompters, and Production Assistants.

ENG crews include DP/cameraman, sound man, camera equipment package, sound package, lighting and grip equipment, field monitor, and vehicle.

Media is often required on different formats. Our Camera Crew shoot NTSC, PAL, 1080i, 24p, 30P. We can hand off the footage on our XDcam Discs, and Hard Drives


Our camera equipment package includes everything needed to make your shoot go smooth. This includes a lighting package with LED panel lights, Soft Boxes, Fresnal lights and more. Our videographers always have an HD field monitor on hand so you can see what you're getting.
Our sound package goes out with wireless lavs, wireless stick mics, boom, multi channel mixer and other audio support gear.

We're constantly updating our gear to ensure the best production experience for our clients.
We realize, particularly with entertainment segments, that shoots often change. Our Video Crews always bring everything needed for a wide variety of production.


As every production has different needs, rates may vary depending on circumstance. The following rates include camera man, sound man, camera and audio package, lighting, support gear and vehicle for shoots in the Los Angeles area.

Full Crew with all the camera, audio, lighting and support gear:
- 10 Hour Full Day portal to portal - $1950
- 5 Hour Half Day portal to portal - $1450



Our Camera Crews shoot green screen interviews, documentary interviews, corporate interviews, two camera junket stlye interviews and a variety of other standard interview format

Videographer Los Angeles

Sometimes in video production in Los Angeles a two man video crew is not required or the video production doesn't have the budget for a professional camera crew with camera man and sound man. In these cases the cameraman works as a "One man band" and does both jobs. These situations usually involve very simple audio or it's just a b-roll shoot. Call us for rates on this.